Automation Test Strategy: Identify Your Goals and Ownership – PT 1

Designing and implementing an automation test strategy can be overwhelming. There are multiple points to consider and if you’ve ever researched the topic online, you know there are many different points of view to think about. How you develop and implement an automation strategy should be unique to your organization’s needs and abilities. In this multi-part blog series, I will provide some in-depth thoughts about how I’ve designed and implemented test strategies, things I’ve learned, and other industry gurus’ thoughts on the topic. At the end of these installments, you’ll feel comfortable enough to design your own automation test strategy!

In this particular post, we will discuss WHY you want to start automating (goals) and WHO will own it (ownership). While those two points seem straightforward, there are elements to consider that may be unique to your circumstances, or points that you may not have considered at all yet.

Read the full post here:

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